Ubuntu International

We believe in the power of Africans to drive and create change through Politics.

Campaign Management

Our Electoral Campaign Consulting focuses on giving you the practical skills you and your team need to build a winning campaign and give you the best possible chance of winning the election.

We focus on African countries.

Capacity Building

We train, coach and build the capacity of candidates and political leaders according to their needs

Be ahead of time. 

Global and African politics are ever-changing. They are not static. They require informed and well-resourced leaders with a new mind and a new approach to public service.

Why working with Us?

Ubuntu International (UI) is a group of African political Consultants with a great understanding of several African political landscapes. We specialise in African politics and have a great understanding of what it takes to strategise and win your local, urban, municipal, legislative or presidential elections.

  • We are committed to providing the best possible services in the area of election campaign management, capacity building of political leaders and aspirants, tailored coaching and many other electoral consulting support.
  • Most of our services focus on African Countries. We are best at this.
  • We aim to be the only and largest African Electoral Consulting firm with expertise and greater outreach.
  • Our services are for provided in English and French
  • Our Services are supported up by research and the World’s best practices.

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