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We believe in the power of Africans to drive and create change through Politics

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Be ahead of time. 

Global and African politics are ever-changing. They are not static. They require informed and well-resourced leaders with a new mind and a new approach to public service.

Why UI?

Our Electoral Campaign Consulting focuses on giving you the practical skills you and your team need to build a winning campaign and give you the best possible chance of winning the election. Some of the services we provide relate to the following areas:

    • Understanding you Election
    • Understanding your Election
    • Campaign message development and effective delivery
    • Ethical conduct in African Campaigns
    • Campaign Planning and Budgeting
    • Campaign fundraising
    • Digital Campaigning
    • Media Training and Influence
    • Understanding your Opponent
    • And many more

Our difference...

We are committed to providing the best possible services in the area of election campaign management, capacity building of political leaders and aspirants, tailored coaching and many other electoral consulting support. Most of our services focus on African Countries. Some of the common areas our candidates are interested in are:

  • Election Campaign Management
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Tailored Political Coaching
  • Political Consulting Services
  • And many more

How does it work?

When we meet a prospect Candidate or Political Leader

  • We’ll discuss their background, interests and future political or career goals
  • We’ll discuss tailored training and coaching services that match their  electoral or political needs
  • Our experts will help understand your community and constituency
  • We’ll support you all the way

Africa will rise from the ashes

‘’There is an urgent need for a generation that understands the myths and math of life: People who are able to combine head and heart; use the fears of their fathers as a runway for a successful take off into a prosperous future.’’

Alphonse Mulumba

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